Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Somehow Glory

When battle scars are painfully fresh,
When salt water seeps
Out from beneath
My lashes,
My warrior cry escapes from trembling lips.

As salt water washes and heals flesh wounds, surely tears wash and heal soul wounds.

I think about the tears which seeped from beneath my Savior's lashes-His lashes!

“Thank You! Thank You!”
What healing soaked and spilled from the lashes,
When Savior eyes wept
Tears that were shed
For this time,
My Warrior's cry escapes for my passion.

It saturates deeper than skin-by His lashes I am healed.
Wonderful to be healed while I'm in my skin, and wonderful to be healed when my skin dies.

It reminds me of what the apostle Paul said when he had the choice to live on in his skin, to live on with an eye ailment which probably caused his lashes to crust as eye ailments are known to do, or to die-

"To live is Christ, to die is gain." That's what he said, and may I say it, too?

I may. I can. But, wow-I can't do it without the grace of His tears and the healing of His lashes.

I’ve unsheathed the Word of God and battled against disease that aimed to destroy a man’s mind and body and a woman’s hope.

And somehow battle scars have become glory.

What is glory, really? The World English Dictionary defines glory: "adoring praise or worshipful thanksgiving.”

Somehow this glory has become.

Somehow this glory is.

Somehow scars have become reminders to give this glory.

Sheer grace.

Grace unveiled.

Only God can heal like this.

It’s more than I can wholly grasp, but let the holy grasp me.

written by: Carolyn-Elizabeth Roehrig

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