Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Pots 'n' Pans and the Kitchen Sink

Welcome to my kitchen!

Pull up a chair and choose a tea cup from the curio, or if you prefer, there's coffee in the bright red coffee maker situated between the bright red blender and the bright red Kitchen Aide. Yeah, I like red in my kitchen. It's cheerful and warm, and does something for the appetite.

There's no telling what will happen in my kitchen, but it's nearly always something good. oh, I've been known to forget the meat-filled taco shells under the broiler, and I've tossed a few handfuls of baking soda into my oven when things like that catch fire, but for the most part my kitchen is where conversations have grown up with the children and where savory fragrances all spicy Chipotle or smokey Mesquite, yeasty breads, sweet chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies, mouth-watering veggie sautes, basil picked fresh from the summer garden and minced till the sharp scent just lifts off the cutting board, onion and garlic and roasts a la oven or crock pot sputter, sizzle, bake, rise, and feed family and home with food for body and soul.

A million meals have been prepared in my kitchen. Some plates have broken, glasses chipped, and the sink's been filled with hot sudsy water nearly every day of it's life. Both ovens have been filled with holiday foods for all 20+ of us aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, and cousins, or sometimes filled with just enough pizza for our family of six. On most every Friday for the past 26 years my oven's baked up to two cookie sheets of not your normal nachos while a movie is voted on. Laughter has danced the two-step across my kitchen floor and I'm sure that's why the tiles are cracked. Sure there's been some stomping, too. And some tears. And some raised voices. And, well, there's been some life in my kitchen. And that's why there's no telling what will happen in my kitchen. Life is unpredictable like that.

Pots 'n' Pans and the Kitchen Sink is where you'll find just that, a hodge-podge of everything from whatever life dishes up. I'll share recipes with you, of course, along with various ingredients that make life full of love, joy, and peace and other spiritual fruits. Sometimes what I share will read like a tossed salad. There's just no telling!

What's for dinner tonight? LEFTOVER ENCHILADA SOUP!
Not as in leftover soup that is enchilada soup, but leftover enchiladas turned into soup. I'm big on reinventing leftovers!

Leftover Enchilada Soup

*Thinly Slice 1/2 Onion
*Sauté in a tad-bit of Coconut Oil with about 1/4 cup fire-roasted tomatoes and any other leftover veggies you find in your fridge.

*Organic Chicken Broth
*Organic Tomato Sauce
*Cumin and Garlic Powder to taste
*Slice the leftover enchiladas
(I had leftover black beans in my fridge, so I added them)


That's it! Easy. Tasty. And now I have room in my fridge! 😊

Salad dressing-
A couple splashes Lemon juice
Olive Oil
Other Spices to taste...I use a pinch of brown sugar if I've sliced apples and added Craisins to the salad; and if I'm serving the salad with a spicier dish, I might add a shake or two of mesquite seasoning.
(I've added to my salad some of the first tomatoes from my garden!!)

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